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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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How to access Wikipedia on your cell/mobile phone

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Three services are most used for access Wikipedia with your cell/mobile phone.

Unyverse: is a new service to access Wikipedia with your Java or Windows Mobile phone, from anywhere.

It uses a small smart client application and has the following advantages over the pure WAP/mobile web access:

  1. You can read your previously downloaded articles offline when you have no connection
  2. Reading experience is optimized with nice table of contents, page by page formatting, and change font size which is important when reading on a small screen
  3. entire content is downloaded compressed, so it is faster
  4. You can synchronize your bookmarked article with your free Unyverse web account
You can also get access to Wikipedia on your cell phone using services:
Wikipedia mobile:

Now, you can amaze your friends anywhere, with your knowledge of everything by simply accessing Wikipedia on your cell or PDA.

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