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Thursday, July 10, 2008

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How to create keyboard shortcuts for opening programs in Windows

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If you like to speed up you work with computer and Windows OS you can create keyboard shortcuts to open programs, which is simpler and faster solution than opening programs using your mouse. This is a short step tutorial to activate and set up keyboard shortcuts for opening programs in Windows Vista.

  1. Browse to the folder that contains the program, right-click the program file, and then click Create Shortcut.
  2. Locate the shortcut to the program for which you want to create a keyboard shortcut.
  3. Right-click the shortcut and then click Properties.
  4. In the Shortcut Properties dialog box, click the Shortcut tab, and then click the Shortcut key box.
  5. Press the key on your keyboard that you want to use in combination with CTRL+ALT
    (Keyboard shortcuts automatically start with CTRL+ALT), and then click OK. For this operation Administrator permission required.
  6. Click Apply and Ok to close the property window
You can now use this keyboard shortcut to open the program. The shortcut will not work with some programs that have their own keyboard shortcuts.

  1. You cannot use the ESC, ENTER, TAB, SPACEBAR, PRINT SCREEN, SHIFT, or BACKSPACE keys for keyboard shortcut.
  2. Before defining keyboard shortcut for any program, first insure that shortcut that you want to add to some program is not already defined to other program. (EX: press CTRL+ALT + desired key in Desktop. If nothing happened – that key is available).

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