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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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How to speed up Firefox 3

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Firefox 3 can be optimized. Broadband users will notice significant speed increase from this simple optimization. Firefox is distributed with settings that will work with any machine or setup. Anyone with a half-decent connection can make these changes and get a great speed increase of Firefox 3:

1. In address bar type:

2. Find in filter field:

set them both to "true" (double click on the row). This adjusts the pipelining settings.

2. Find filter:
set it to 8 (feel free to change the number to - the article suggests 8).

3. Right-click on any setting and select 'new' and then 'integer'.
Set the name to
(you might want to copy & paste it) and set the value to "0" (zero). This removes the render delay.

4. Restart Firefox 3.

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