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Monday, July 21, 2008

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iFolder– sharing storage solution for folders and files

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iFolder is a solution that allows people to easily share folders of files of any type with other users, whether they use the same or different operating systems. Linux, Windows and Macintosh users can all use iFolder and share folders. The iFolder client runs in two operating modes, enterprise sharing and workgroup sharing.

Using the iFolder client, users can share multiple directories of files across a local area network with other users. Using the iFolder client coupled with either the iFolder Enterprise Server or Simple Server users can share across the internet with other users.

With iFolder, files that are placed (saved, copied, etc.) into an iFolder are replicated in their entirety, either to other computers or users, or to the iFolder server. As you change or edit your files, the iFolder client watches for those changes and then only synchronizes the part that changed, not the full file. With that, change becomes fast and efficient.

iFolder project is built on the Mono/.Net framework to integrate seamlessly into existing desktop environments and it is sponsored by Novell.


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