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Saturday, July 5, 2008

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KumoTek KT-X - educational evolution with humanoid robot kit

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KumoTek Robotics announces the KumoTek KT-X (KumoTek-X) bipedal humanoid robot developed in cooperation with Japanese Vstone. KumoTek is a robotics engineering and design company, located in the North Texas technology corridor of Richardson, Texas.

KumoTek has built an entire education system around their robots called Robot P.E.T.S. (Robots Promoting Education Through Science). KomuTek targets the educational market with its KT-X robot kit.
Robot P.E.T.S. isn't to build a machine that will bring you drinks, or beat up bullies. Instead it is cool curriculum designed to pull kids away from video games and launch them into the world of robotics science and mechanical engineering.

Three versions of the KumoTek KT-X robot kit available starting at $990:

  1. KT-X Lite: 13 motors -- $990 USD
  2. KT-X: 17 motors -- $1,290 USD
  3. KT-X Gladiator: (w/ rotating hips and torso): 20 motors -- $1,490 USD
The 13 inches tall KT-X robot can be controlled with a wireless PS2 controller.
The KumoTek robots are selling on the Robporium site. See also the KumoTek site.

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