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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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"Move Up" navigation button in Windows Vista is missing

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When you migrate from XP to Vista you will certainly notice that Up Navigation button in Windows Explorer is missing. That functionality in Vista is still there but it is hidden behind Alt-key keyboard shortcut.

So, when you like to move to the parent folder the trick is to hold Alt end pres UP arrow button on your keyboard. Alt-up is a simple, intuitive shortcut alternative. In XP that function belong to Back button.

Anyway, the case about "Up Navigation button" in Vista is busted. I have no idea why Microsoft changes this well known shortcut. but I am sure that they have good reasons. If anyone knows the reasons - write comment.

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Anonymous said...

Backspace works as up button too

Anonymous said...

No, Backspace does not work. It goes back, not up. Check it yourself -- and yes, there is a difference.

Yes, I understand how breadcrumbs "works," and yes I realize that the interface sometimes changes. However, not including an "up" button in Windows Vista is a travesty. I use this hundreds of times a day in XP, and alt+backspace and other keyboard shortcuts are not a replacement for me. Breadcrumbs is not a replacement, as each click is not in a consistent place and requires too much thinking when I just wish to go up a level.

Also, having the toolbar of Windows Explorer locked down is just asinine. Please change this back to something sensible.

Lack of an Up button and the inflexibility of Vista is what is keeping my company from upgrading to Vista, btw. I am sure this is true for many companies.

StandAlone said...

Vista is very good OS. I don't understand how lack of an Up button in Vista can keep some company from upgrading to Vista. This is not understandable...