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Monday, September 29, 2008

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The History of computer data backup, devices and methods

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If we look at the development of the computer from the inside we will be interested in how the different elements of a digital computer have been developed over the years. We must take a very simple approach: computers are composed of very many simple components and processes.

In the tradition of Star Wars this story starts in the middle. From historical facts electronics had seen rapid development during the Second World War. Most of the computers in that time storage their data in "punched cards" storage mediums. But, the fact is, if computer data exist in some types of storage mediums must exist also backup of that data. Backup as term is better defined of Mr. Maxim Yurin in his article about history of backup. As he said:

Backup is the activity of copying files or databases, so that their additional copies may be restored in case of a data loss accident. Thus, we can emphasize first two aspects related to backup - storage media for data and depositories for backup media. Another important aspect is growing necessity in backup caused by development of computer technologies and data volumes expansion.
The article of Mr. Maxim Yurin take retrospective look in backup history, backup storage mediums, development of backup and also storage solutions and methods. Maxim as facts get important milestones in the history of data backup evolution, from punched cards to complex systems for remote backup storage.

As Computer technology rise over the past three decades, the backups mediums have also incredible rate of growth in capacity, speed, size and magnitude. Maxim in article explains every part of backup era, starting from the first computer which has magnetic tape, and even paper: punch cards and paper tape, next era - floppy disks backup mediums of various sizes and today ways of backup - CDs, hard drives, flash drives or via network.

If you like to take a closer look at the history of backup devices and methods I suggest to read the original article of Mr. Maxim Yurin which can be found here:

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