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Sunday, September 14, 2008

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The SiteMeter website is up again and running

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SiteMeter migration is finished. The new SiteMeter website is up and running. Some important things that you need to know after SiteMeter migration are:

  1. Some data for Saturday may appear inconsistent. This is a result of the migration process.
  2. You will be required to “Activate” your account(s) on the new site. Now you can have as many accounts as you want using one email login and password. After you activate your account(s) use your email address and password to login. Instructions for “activating” account(s) can be found on the SiteMeter homepage.
  3. After opening your stats you can see variences in traffic data. In some cases you will see higher visit counts (aka more accurate) and lower page views (also more accurate). The lower page views will likely be caused as SiteMeter authorities said: “by our updated Bot filtering this removes and does not count hits to your site from automated bots”.
The big improvement in this migration is that SiteMeter now works incredible fast. Congratulations to SiteMeter!

The migration was slow (two days).
Some reports are missing in the new version of SiteMeter. Is SiteMeter became greedy and will ask money for old free reports? That is not good. If it is true, maybe it is a time to find other "counter" provider.

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