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Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Windows tip: How to install NetBEUI Protocol

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As you know, Microsoft no longer supports the NetBEUI protocol as part of WindowsXP. You can add it as an installable protocol directly from the WindowsXP CD ROM.

The directory is located on the CD ROM in VALUEADD \ MSFT \ NET \ NETBEUI. Note: %SYSTEMROOT% refers to the drive and directory where you installed WindowsXP.
Typically this is in the C:\WINDOWS directory

  1. Copy the nbf.sys into the %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ directory
  2. Copy netnbf.inf into the %SYSTEMROOT%\INF\ directory
  3. Open the Network connection properties for your local area network and use "Install..." button to add NetBEUI protocol
Install NetBEUI if you absolutely need it. It is not at all a necessary requirement for most networks but it is necessary for some games and old network installments for sure.

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