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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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7 useful tips and secrets for Windows 7 (seven)

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Any version of Windows brings to its users various tips and secrets that you can perform to get your computer working the way you want it. Here are the 7 useful tips for new Windows 7 users which will help to easily spot the deference and improvements of this version from previous one, and get the most from Windows 7 installation.

1. Right-click for everything
Easy way to begin spotting the differences betten Vista and Windows 7 is right-click things and find anything you need there. For instance right-click an empty part of the desktop, you'll find a menu entry to set your screen resolution. No need to go browsing through the display settings any more. Right-click the Explorer icon on the taskbar for speedy access to common system folders: Documents, Pictures, the Windows folder, and more.

2. Explore everywhere
With launching any default application in Windows 7 you will immediately spot the new interface. A real improvement in what were very dated applets. Some improvements are a little less obvious. For example: at first look Windows calculator looks much the same, but the Mode menu leads to powerful new Statistics and Programmer views. So, explore every menu option in windows default programs and tools to ensure you don't miss anything important.

3. Run web searches
The Windows 7 search tool can be easily extended to search all online resources you want. To add Flickr support, say, visit I Started Something [], click Download the Connector, choose the Open option and watch as it's downloaded (the file is tiny, it'll only take a moment). A "Flickr Search" option will be added to your Searches folder, and you'll be able to search images from your desktop.

4. Burn images
Windows 7 finally introduces a feature that other operating systems have had for years - the ability to burn ISO images to CDs or DVDs. Double-click the ISO image, choose the drive with the blank disc, click Burn and watch as your disc is created.

5. Fix the taskbar
The new Windows 7 taskbar acts as one big quick launch toolbar. To shrink it to a more manageable size go to right-click the Start orb, then Properties -> Taskbar -> Use small icons. The way Windows 7 combines the icons is confusing. To fix that go right-click the Start orb, click Properties -> Taskbar and set "Taskbar buttons" to "Combine when taskbar is full" for a more familiar XP and Vista-style look.

6. Protect your MP3 files
Windows 7 beta includes a nasty bug. Its version of Windows Media Player 12 will automatically add missing metadata, including album art, and this can overwrite the first few seconds of the file. Installing an update may fix this (see Anyway, it would be a very good idea to back up your MP3 files also.

7. Speedy video access
Windows 7 lets you add Videos folder into the Start menu. Right-click the Start orb, click Properties -> Start Menu -> Customize, and set the Videos option to "Display as a link". You can also display Recorded TV folder on the Start menu, too. It is very useful if you have a TV tuner that works with Windows 7.

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