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Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Browse without mouse with Mouseless Browsing Firefox extension (MLB)

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Mouseless Browsing is Firefox (Mac, Windows, and Linux) extension which will help you to browse the web pages without mouse. The basic principle of Mouseless Browsing is to append small boxes with unique ids for all links, form elements and frames on a webpage. By default you can trigger an action by simply entering the id and pressing Enter. There is also a possibility configure Mouseless Browsing to trigger the action automatically after a certain delay (without pressing enter).

The latest version has support for dynamic webapps like Gmail, Google Reader, or Facebook. There is also other improvements as instantly trigger an action as soon as the id is unique, hide image links which have an identical text link, support for more "clickable” elements, etc.

Anyway the core functionality of this extension is: type the number of the element (link) and hit enter. That is the same as you click on that element with mouse click.

If you like to quickly navigate to any portion of the page without using mouse, touchpad, trackpoint etc, this is Firefox add-on that you need. It works only with Firefox 3 and higher and it is a free download.

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