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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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KDE 4.2.0 released

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KDE 4.2 has been released a year after KDE 4.0, as they promise. It comes with new features, improvements, and bug fixes, and the KDE team claims that this is the first release of KDE 4 ready for everyone, not just for developers and enthusiasts. KDE 4.2 brings new desktop functionalities, desktop applets like quick launcher, weather information, news feeds, comics, quick file sharing via "pastebin" services etc.

The KWin window manager brings motion physics and other effects for Linux desktop, the PowerDevil is new power manager, 4.2 has new Plasma improvements and features and added support for Mac OS X widgets and Google's Gadgets. Various KDE applications have long list of bug fixes and improvements. The KDE 4.x release cycle is six-months. Download and read more about improvements for the new 4.2 release here.

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