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Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Linus Torvalds switching to GNOME

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Recent days on various Linux forums people broke spears about statement of Linus Torvalds (Kernel Founder) that exceeds the GNOME desktop environment. Although it is a matter of personal choice, many find the inspiration to start a "flame wars" between KDE and GNOME users.

We will only briefly copy a statement from Linus Torvalds interview, which original extends to six pages, so our readers can make their own conclusion:

“I used to be a KDE user. I thought KDE 4.0 was such a disaster I switched to GNOME. I hate the fact that my right button doesn't do what I want it to do. I realize the reason for the 4.0 release, but I think they did it badly. They did so may changes it was a half-baked release.

KDE 4.0 arrived as an update on the Fedora; desktop just was not functional, and overall it was a bad experience for me. I'm going to try the new KDE when I reinstall the computer, which normally do every six to eight months.”

Read full interview here.

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