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Friday, January 9, 2009

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Linux tip: How to unmount busy drive

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You are probably all experienced with the situation - you are trying to unmount a drive, but keep getting told by your system that it's busy. If you like to find which application hold the drive busy there is one simple solution. A quick one-line in terminal mode will tell you (in this example device name is "windows"):

lsof +D /mnt/windows
This will return the command and process ID of any tasks currently accessing the /mnt/windows directory. You can then locate them, or use the kill command to finish them off.

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Shannon VanWagner said...

How about this similar entry from:

* lsof (device) ex: lsof /dev/cdrom
* kill -9 (pid)

If you are confused you can run this: lsof -t ‘device here’ | xargs kill -9 . Just make sure you put the device in. After that command you should be able to unmount the drive.