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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Linux tip: Rename and resize images with bash script from console

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Do you have a big collection of images? Do you want to prepare them for publishing on the web, sending on email or any other purpose? In Linux robust graphic applications are not needed for renaming and resizing a lot of images. Linux have simple solution, a simple bash script can the job.

Here is the bash script:

for i in `ls -1 $1/*.jpg`; do
echo "Now working on $i"
convert -resize $resolution $i ${root}_${counter}.jpg
counter=`expr $counter + 1`
Save the script in a file called and make it executable with
chmod u+x
and store it somewhere in your path. Now, if you have a bunch of .jpg files in the directory /path/to/dirpic, all you have to do is to execute /path/to/dirpic
and in the current directory you'll find mypict_1.jpg, mypict_2.jpg etc, which are the resized versions of your original ones. You can change the script according to your needs.

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upbeat.linux said...

Keep in mind to run convert the imagemagick package needs to be compiled.

Anonymous said...

might need a "done" at the end of the script. (bash)