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Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Two ways to use the same bookmarks on different browsers

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There are times you need to use many different browsers at the same time such as logging on two Gmail accounts or you love the speed of Opera while also need the powerful of Firefox. One of the disadvantage of this way is the bookmarks (or Favorite in IE) are not synchronized. You will feel difficult and uncomfortable when have to open one browser just to copy an address of a favorite site then paste it in another browser to load. Here are my two ways to deal with this.


This is the easiest way, you just bookmark a link on this browser and grab it on any browsers else whether it is on the same computer or not. First, you must have an account on Signing up an account there is really fast and completely free.

When visit a site and you want to bookmark this, just open a new tab with the address (remember that your using browser must active cookie and JavaScript). Enter the address of link you want to save, then click Next

Save a new bookmark in

Then, fill appropriate information for this link into text fields and remember to enter tags which make you remind the link. This is very useful because tags help you to manage your bookmarks and search them faster. After all, click Save and you successfully add a link to your bookmark database.

Fill the appropriate information

Now on other browser, if you want to get a link from your bookmark, just sign in on that browser - you shouldn't sign out, just keep the cookie there in order to take advantage on saving and searching for bookmarks - type the tags, or the name or something related to the link you want to get, click the down arrow, choose My bookmarks and then click on Search

Search for link on

Your saved link will appear like this, just click on the link to surf it.


However, not everyone like web-based interface of because saving and finding a link must take many steps. They find the bookmark feature, which is default built in the browser, faster and more convenient. Here's another way to use bookmarks between many different browsers: using Transmute software

Transmute is a bookmark converter that can import and export bookmarks between the latest web browsers. This amazing utility will help you to try out different web browsers, synchronize bookmarks between systems, organize bookmarks, convert bookmarks for use in bookmark managers, share bookmarks with others and more. Here is the list of supported browsers:

List of supported browsers

To synchronize your bookmarks, you first should close all browsers to avoid unexpected errors may occur during the process.

Open Transmute, select the source and target browser you want to synchronize bookmarks by clicking on the left buttons. The list of already installed browsers on your computer will appear for you to choose. Transmute will automatically scan your computer for these browsers..

Then click Export, Transmute will automatically export the bookmarks from the Source browser and import to the Target browser in a folder name "Exported by Transmute". If you export many times, the imported folder name would be "Exported by Transmute" + timestamp where timestamp is the date time of the synchronization. You now can move, change name or modify this folder using Bookmark manager of the target browser to meet your need.

Export and import bookmark using Transmute

Both two ways have Pros and Cons and which to use is rely on your need. Delicious can help you to access your bookmark on any browser on any computer but it takes so many steps while Transmute is faster and more convenient but it just runs well on a computer.

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