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Monday, January 5, 2009

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Windows tip: Use registry cleaner programs and speed up your windows

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Windows Registry is critical to your Windows operating system. This is where the system information for your hardware and software are stored and this data is vital to your PC functioning properly. If you’re receiving, a system32 error and you’re tired of it you must consider about fixing windows registry.

Whenever the registry files get infected or corrupt, errors such as system32 occur, and then your system starts to malfunction as it is unable to read the registry or it takes too long to retrieve the information. Your PC begins to run slower and slower, often throwing your system errors, system32 errors, explorer errors, and a host of other errors all a result of an oversized faulty registry, the cause of all these issues. You can quickly eliminate system32 errors and all other errors just by running some registry repair program.

There are all kinds of reasons that these registry errors occur. These include an accumulation of entries that are outdated, and no longer required for your PC to function properly, in fact becoming responsible for sluggish behavior and crashes. It may also be a result of software installations that were not properly installed or uninstalled.

You may not realize it, but the overwhelming majority of problems with file extensions come from registry errors. Say for example that you install a new piece of software that becomes the default editor for a file format on your computer. When you uninstall that software, does it remember to change the default editor back to the previous software you were using? You guessed it, nope. This is just one of many ways that changes to your registry can make opening particular files difficult. With registry fixing software, though, you can clean up these errors in a heartbeat.

Embedded keys that are generated by Spyware or Malware can clog the registry and the pose a serious threat to the system. These faulty entries are the cause of your PC becoming sluggish and even crashing. Invest in a registry repair program and you can eliminate these problems. Your PC will be performing like new again.

The registry repair program will scan you computer looking for invalid entries while keeping valid entries intact. It will delete corrupt and outdated entries, empty spaces, fragmented files left behind on an uninstall, as well as remove the embedded keys left by Malware or Spyware.

Schedule your registry cleaner to do an automatic scan or run a manual scan. Make sure the software you choose does a backup before making any changes to your registry.

There are many different registry repair and cleaner programs on the market, so do your research and find one that you feel suits you and your system. The best way to search is to use Google. Search Google for some of these keywords or combinations “free registry repair program” or “free registry clean software” or “Free Repair Registry Software” or just “fix registry free software”. There are a lot of registry cleaner programs that you can download for free. Download only the program which support your windows verision.

Don’ forget - removing or repairing registry problems will always improve your PC’s performance overall.

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phone ratings said...

thanks for your info, before i use this registry cleaner, while my OS crash, i usually reinstall OS on my PC. Of course it takes a long time and make me frustrated. I agree we must scheduled it regularly.

Dessy said...

It is not necessary to reinstall OS. Just schedule the cleaner program to make registry backup before every cleaning.