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Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Worm Downadup multiplying with enormous speed

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Although Microsoft builds a patch at 23rd October last year, many computers are still unsecured, and thus exposed to risk.

According to F-Secure report, the new variant worm Downadup (also known as Conficker and Kido), already infected more than nine million computers exploit negligence of Windows Server service, which is used for sharing resources in the local network. For such a large number of infections the worm needed two weeks, but it is important to mention that the number of infections in the last four days jumped from 2.4 million to over nine million!

Therefore, if you have not already downloaded, pick up all the Windows update. The specific update that prevents the installation of the mentioned worm on your computer can be downloaded via this site. Tool to remove it can be freely downloaded from the F-Secure site through this link.

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