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Monday, February 23, 2009

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5 most important rules for printing digital photos with the best quality

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All printers have the same function: to print text or pictures on paper. On some printers the printing quality is a bit better, on some a bit worse. If you bought the best printer in class that doesn’t necessarily mean that the prints made on it will be of best quality. In order to get the best possible result when printing photographs on your printer you need to pay attention to a few rules. In this text we present you 5 of the most important rules you need to obey in order to get quality digital photos printing on your PC.

  1. Enhance the resolution
    It is a first step to make quality photography. The rule is simple: higher the resolution, better the photography. Most digital cameras have a menu for setting the resolution. In order to get the best photographies on your digital camera set the highest resolution, but don't forget that high resolution photos take up more free space.

  2. Choose the right format
    For the best quality print of the digital photographies save them in .TIFF format. In that way you get excellent print quality. Since that format doesn't make a compression while saving photos, they take up more free space.

  3. Adjust the printer settings
    Use the drivers for your printer to get the optimal printing results. From time to time go online and check if there are new drivers to download for your printer. When you have installed the drivers set the highest resolution on you printer settings in order to get a quality print. Do that by choosing shortcut Printer and Faxses, right click on printer icon and then choose Printing Preferences. In the new dialog box choose the highest printing resolution.

  4. Choose the ink
    Using the ink recommended by your printer manufacturer is the safest way to get quality prints.

  5. Choose the right paper
    In the end, It is important to choose properly the paper you are printing on. The type of paper grammature and paper surface is crucial. The paper that has larger grammatures is fitter for color prints as it supports higher printing resolutions. For printing digital photos use glossy paper because it can give richer colour saturation and high detailed print.

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