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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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FunkySexyCool socialize via a mobile phone or the web

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As every Internet user know, social networking has been largely dominated by two players, Facebook and MySpace, but now FunkySexyCoo as company with unique idea is earning international media interest for its innovative approach to the social networking phenomenon.

"FunkySexyCool is a fun, fast and easy way to socialise via a mobile phone or the web. It's a cool and exciting way in which anyone, anywhere in the world, can meet someone with the same interests in seconds," says O'Connor. "Our membership figures have exploded in recent months and we expect this to accelerate as social networking growth extends to the mobile phone."

FunkySexyCool is a free service in which members vote each other Funky Sexy or Cool. In addition to offering typical on-line community features, FunkySexyCool also allows members to purchase premium features which allow them to enhance their community experience. In addition to premium features, FunkySexyCool earns revenue through advertising. FunkySexyCool members are averaging over 20 minute session durations and 100 page views per day. The service is available globally in multiple languages and is compatible with over 90% of modern mobile phone handsets.

The company is now headquartered in Manhattan, New York, USA. FunkySexyCool is actively partnering with telecommunications carriers and other partners around the world.

Link: FunkySexyCool

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