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Sunday, February 8, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Giver - share your files with your network colleagues

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Giver is simple file sharing desktop application. It works on Linux, at my case - Ubuntu and it allows you to easily drag and drop files to users on your network. Other people running Giver will be automatically detected and you can send files by simply drag and drop files into their icon shown on Giver window or click on the recipient and select Give a file or Give a folder. The recipient of the files is warned that a user wishes to send files so it can accept or decline them.

To install giver on Ubuntu open your terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install giver
This application is absolute must in file transfers on your home or company network. More on how to install on other Linux Distros can be found here.

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Tejaswini said...

I am new to Linux, but I am willing to learn its tricks and tips. so referring your blog. It is having good articles. One question on this post, do we need admin access to install Giver and does sharing means we can give option to the receipient to edit or view only the doument?

Viktor Ustijanoski said...

Yes you need admin access to install Giver. Your shared document can be viewed and edited. Like pidgin file share, for example, but on local network.

Viktor Ustijanoski

Shannon VanWagner said...

Also, these awesome programmers are working to bring Giver to Windows so that more people can share:

Go Freedom!!
Go GNU/Linux!!
Shannon VanWagner