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Friday, February 13, 2009

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How to access to another computer using hidden or secret share in Windows

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If you have two or more computers connected in one computer network, no doubt that every while you copy files from one computer to another or from all computers mutually. The condition for that kind/mode of work is that on each computer you share at least one directory. But what if you need to access to a computer that doesn’t have even one sharing folded? A lot of you will laugh and say: Well just share the folder, but there is a problem if the wanted computer is far away from you, you don’t feel walking to him, or you cannot access to him. In that case there something that’s called hidden shares. This tip is about how to access to another computer using hidden or secret share. Tip works for all Windows version.

That is a disk share that is under the predefined defaults turned on, and it is used for administrator purposes. You can use it by writing in Address bar of Windows Explorer \\computer_name\c$ or d$. You can also enter IP address instead of the computer’s name. Because this is called hidden or admin share it is exclusively designed for administrator’s use, so only administrator can use it. To use it you must be an administrator on a computer you want to log on, so because of that it is most commonly used in large networked systems, but it can be used in smaller networks if the user account you use is identical to administrator user account of a computer you are logging.

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