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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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How to maximize laptop battery life

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Many of the laptop’s users often meet a problem of battery not lasting long enough. Why do your laptop batteries work only for few hours, when you can use your mobile phone for 3 days without external power supply?

Once the batteries would enable you to work up to 1 hour, often even less, but today the working time on the laptop without charging it with the electric energy has increased up to 3 hours and more. In case you build in another battery in your laptop (and you should seriously consider it if you travel often and there is no power port nearby), you can work more then 8 hours. In today’s article, we are giving you a few useful advices, which will help you to expand your work on the laptop for as long as you can, even without the wall socket.

  1. When you load your laptop batteries for the first few times, always use the complete discharging and reloading method. Hence, only when the battery is completely empty, start with the new loading and repeat the procedure for at least 5 times. Proceed similarly in everyday’s work, but in case you are not able to wait for so long, try to hold on for at least first few times.

  2. Plug out all the unnecessary equipment that has been connected to laptop, as such devices usually additionally load the battery and increase the consumption of electricity. It refers to all the USB sticks, USB mice, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless network adapters. CD ROM data reading also significantly decreases battery duration.

  3. Control Panel – Power Options should be the unavoidable part of laptop work adjustment when the power supply is set off. This particularly refers to Windows Vista users, because in this mode you will be able to adjust manually the amount of used resources (memory, processor), thus significantly affect the laptop work duration time.

  4. Do not use multimedia content (audio, video) editing programs, as work under these conditions additionally loads the processor work, which directly affects the battery longevity. It is recommendable to use only smaller demanding programs (Outlook, Word…).

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Tejaswini said...

hey, this one is good, I was not knowing that USB devices consumed battery! Thanks for sharing.

DJ said...

The post was helpful for me, too.