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Monday, February 2, 2009

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Quality Flash support for iPhone

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Apple cooperates with Adobe on the development of a higher quality support for Flash on iPhone devices.

Until now Flash development for iPhone was covered only by Adobe, iPhone approve just plug-in for App Store. Now, both companies agreed that the cooperation is needed to improve very demanding job of implementation of Flash on this platform.

As we already know Flash version for desktops is quite demanding and complex as far as processing power and memory. Such resources are not available on mobile devices, and the intended version of Flash Lite has too many limitations, especially in displaying pages of rich animation or video (Steve Jobs confirm this).

Adobe started with Flash developing for iPhone from iPhone SDK release in June last year. So, involving Apple in the process of development should bring full functionality to what users are accustomed.

Apple also works with manufacturers of other Internet browsers such as Opera or Mozilla to ensure that implementation is the universal and compatible and less demanding in resources like power and memory.

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