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Monday, March 2, 2009

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DreamLinux Desktop Edition 3.5 Released

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Brazilian DreamLinux GNU / Linux distribution is a free, modern and modular system. DreamLinux is based on Debian GNU / Linux, but the authors make also their own efforts for the development of tools, system scripts and applications.

It can be run from any device (CD / DVD / USB stick) and installed on the hard disk or USB storage device. Judging by the popularity scale Distrowatchu, DreamLinux is on high 15 position, which is definitely a good result, considering the huge number of really existing distribution.

DreamLinux 3.5, comes with Xfce working environment, but GNOME is also available. The new version focuses on portability, but also special emphasis puts on out-of-the-box wireless drivers, installation on a netbook and a laptop computers and also easy installation on USB stick.

DreamLinux 3.5 is attached on Linux kernel with certain small modifications in design (new icons, TCG + themes, etc...). Also all the necessary codecs and applications for high-quality multimedia experience are build in.

There is an interesting selection of applications; Launcher for selected visually attractive Engage and AWN (Avant Window Navigator), office tasks will solve 2.4 (OpenOffice 3.0 is available through the module or on the DVD), to use the benefits of the Internet there are Pidgin for IM, Thunderbird for e-mail, FireFox 3.0.6, built-in FlashPlayer 10 and implemented Java. Multimedia is covered with Rythmbox, Totem Media Player, Sound Juicer, Sound Converter and Avidemux. For disc recording will be available Brasero, while processing graphics can be done with GIMP 2.6 and Inkscape 0:46.

On the “paper” does not look bad, but until we install it and test it, we can’t talk about details.

The official announcement can be read on this site, while the ISO disk image can be downloaded here.

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