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Friday, March 6, 2009

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EDAG Concept Car Based on Open Code

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One of the most interesting concepts presented at the car fair in Geneva, from technical speaking, is the EDAG concept car, whose software is based on open code.

Each car now, except the hardware part, has a large amount of software that control all that embedded electronics in the car. However, this is the first time to see the car with open-source technology, which means that developers, enthusiast and other experts (subject to appropriate license) may alter or contribute to new functions of the car software in every new version of software.

But this is not the end of this concept innovation of company EDAG. Internal lightings in the cars uses OLED screens; one of those screens is located on the back of the car, and if it is necessary, it can show different images and messages; as example: to show message / notice that the car is out of service.

Finally, we must mention that the car roll on lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately, we are quite sure that this innovation market will not see at least a few more years.


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