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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Fusion-io annonced fastest and double sized ioDrive Duo SSD

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Fusion-io is company famous for producing the world's fastest and most expensive SSD solutions. Recently, they've get a Steve Wozniak in their team (known for many innovations including first Apple Macintosh computer) and produced new - fastest and doubled size SSD innovation. The new product is called the ioDrive Duo and it is fastest SSD solution on the market or the fastest SSD this planet has ever seen. The product is PCI Express x8 and x4 based and is aimed for corporate servers who can and will pay more for vast quantities of lightning fast storage space. Performance will scale linearly using multiple ioDrive Duo SSDs solution - allowing scale performance up to 6 Gbytes/sec of read bandwidth and over 500,000 read IOPS by using just four ioDrive Duos.

The new ioDrive Duo doubles the slot capacity of the first ioDrive, providing solutions in 160GB, 320GB, 640GB and 1.28TB sizes. The SSD's can provide 1500 Gbytes/sec of read bandwidth and 1400MB/sec write bandwidth and latency under 50 ┬Ásec. Do you know how fast is that? Your all apps, games and data will be loaded in less than an eye blink, so save your money and get one of this soon as possible.

The new ioDrive Duo devices will go on sale from April, and the largest one of 1.28TB later this year. Via: Fusion-io; HotHardware

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