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Friday, March 13, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Google is watching you

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Google has new advertise program called “interest based advertising” and now is on test phase on Google's and partners network and their own YouTube page. This move comes just a week after Yahoo announced an advertising based on the information collected on the activities of users on the Internet. Interest based advertising is already used in consumer economy but Google has advantages of using Google's wide services for user data collection.

Google will use user habits and interests on the net to bring precise interest advertising. There are already available internet services like this, but Google has been opposed until now becouse of questionable private data user protection. In fact, the ads on Google's partner sites and companies were shown only by the content based on web content that user is looking at a specific site. But in order to better customization of advertising process, the new system will use user private data tho show precise advertise based on user activities, habits and interests.

Google has already wide services for data collection – Google earth, Google Maps, Google search, Geo tagging in your Picasa pictures, Google calendar activities, Youtube and many more.. ( So google we know about our interests, hobbies, school, banks, coffee and night bars, music, movies, pictures, travel, family...) But what if Google violate user wrights going deeply on user private data?? How deep will Google dig? We don't have answers for this question, but the result will be: deeper it goes - more precise advertising and more money will get.

So users, be careful – Google is watching you.

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