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Friday, March 13, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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iPhone OS 3.0 is coming soon

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iPhone OS 3.0 is coming soon. Various US media have been invited to a preview of the iPhone OS 3.0 software at Apple's Cupertino campus next Tuesday on March 17th. DetectorPRO team not invited?? Or maybe, for the next version. Also with iPhone OS 3.0 an updated version of the iPhone SDK will be revealed.

There is a plenty of speculation about new iPhone OS features. Here is our prediction list:

  1. We expect that Apple with satisfy his customers and on the top of the list will integrate copy-paste feature.
  2. Next, maybe MMS support for iPhone, every mobile phone has this feature, why is still not integrated in iPhone?
  3. Push notification service
  4. Turn by turn GPS navigation.
  5. Movie recording, iPhone has capability for movie recording, unofficial movie recording application Cycorder (only usable after jailbreaking your iPhone) proves that, but why that function is not integrated by Apple?
  6. Flash support – Apple and Adobe already works on this project, maybe the first results will be shown on March 17th.
  7. Improved Bluetooth capabilities – file transfers, Bluetooth stereo headphones, Bluetooth as a modem and so on..
  8. Ability to install unofficial App store applications. In our dreams but, we hope.
Have some other iPhone OS 3.0 features to share? Fell free to write a comment.

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