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Monday, March 30, 2009

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New Google Search Features

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Google announced 2 new improvements to Google Search: An expanded list of related searches and the addition of longer search result descriptions.

For expanded list of related searches Google explains: of its first applications lets us offer you even more useful related searches (the terms found at the bottom, and sometimes at the top, of the search results page).

For example, if you search for [principles of physics], our algorithms understand that "angular momentum," "special relativity," "big bang" and "quantum mechanic" are related terms that could help you find what you need.
They also said that this functionality is able to target more queries, more languages, and make suggestions more relevant to what users are looking for. The functionality is available in 37 languages all around the world.

Improvement in the longer search result descriptions is that the longer search feature will not delivering more relevant results than before, but it could go a long way toward helping users determine if results in fact are relevant by giving them more info to reach a conclusion.

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