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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Tweak Vista For Maximum Gaming Performance

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Windows Vista was heralded by its creators as being a speedy operating system. However, it didn't take long for users to realise that Vista's performance was generally no better than Windows XP, and in many cases was actually worse.

Working with a PC that isn't performing to its maximum potential can be a frustrating experience, but this is particularly true if the machine is used for gaming. But there are a huge number of tweaks that can be applied to help make working with Vista less exasperating.

Even if you're working with a high spec rig, the chances are there's s a great deal that can be done to help improve performance and reduce boot times.

Thankfully, increasing performance need not mean rushing out to the shops to spend hard earned cash on potentially expensive hardware upgrades – or even going so far as buying a whole new setup.

There are a huge number of settings built into Windows which can be adjusted to help speed things up...

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