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Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Ubuntu fix: Firefox Maximize, minimize and close disappear

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Recently, while surfing around on the net with Firefox browser on Ubuntu, from no reason (or any reason) Firefox lose the maximize, minimize and close buttons in the tight upper corner and it maximize to the full screen. It is not very big problem but it is very annoying when you like to open some other program(you must close Firefox from the Menu → Close to see the Ubuntu taskbar or you can just minimize with alt+F9). The second problem was that this happen every time then I open Firefox.

So, I decide to look for some solution and I find two:

1. Press twice F11, the Firefox will fit comfortably onto the desktop, close, reopen. But, this solution is good till the next restart or shutdown.

2. Permanently solution of this problem would be changing settings in Compiz(if you using Compiz):

Open from Taskabar:

System -> Preferences -> CompizConfig_Settings_Manager -> Workarounds -> Utility
and uncheck Legacy_Fullscreen_Support.

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Anonymous said...

No... it's System -> Preferences -> CompizConfig_Settings_Manager -> UTILITY -> Workarounds -> Uncheck Legacy Fullscreen Support.

You left out a step (Utility).

Ukion said...

Yes, You are right, thanks. I will correct the post.