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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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UltraStar Deluxe - sing like a star

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UltraStar Deluxe is free, open source karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game available on the Playstation®. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing. The visual effects create entertainment value. You can compete with each other trying to get into the top 10 using different difficulty levels. Multiple display is also supported allowing 6 players to sing at once.

With UltraStar Deluxe you can use any video filetype you want as background (youtube / flv, divx, mpg / mpeg, avi, ..). Also you can use already available songs or create your own songs. Ultrastar songs consists audio data, a txt file with lyrics and tone data and an optional Cover, Background or Video. For creating your own songs use built-in editor and midi-converter.

Ultra Star Deluxe is cross platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS) software with nice interface and endless song selection that will ensure hours and hours fun with your friends and family.

More info and download here. Ubuntu users can use this one-click installation from GetDeb.

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