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Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Undo in Gmail, Google thinks of all - hasty, rusty, visionary, dreamer, drunk ...

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A numerous times happens that after sending email I realized that I forgot attachment or something third, but, email was still sent. For all users quick on the trigger (button "Send"), Google has offered a solution. Through Gmail Labs It offers the option "Undo" for each mail sent.

Upon activation of this option, e-mail will be sent with five seconds of delay. During this time the users have the ability to refrain from sending mail. Soon, the time for Undo should be extended for ten seconds.

Last year, Google Labs has offered the Mail Goggles - an alcohol test (active on weekends) that you should spare the inconvenience.

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Evan said...

I think it is awesome what google is coming up with in regards to unsending emails as well as their gmail labs. Their creations are awesome!