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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Why New Linux Distributions Are Better of Windows for Installing New Software

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The answer is: With new Linux Distributions, everything is much simpler. For example if you want to install new software in Windows you need to do some or all of next steps:

  1. Search the web to find which piece of software suits your needs.
  2. Find a web site that allows you to download it.
  3. Maybe pay for it.
  4. Actually download the software.
  5. Install it.
  6. Sometimes reboot your computer.
But, Linux has what is called a "package manager": each piece of software is contained in its own "package". If you need some new software, just:
  1. Open the package manager (In most of Linux distributions you can start it form the main menu),
  2. Search for it by keywords,
  3. Choose the software and
  4. Press "Apply" or "OK".
  5. Or, you can just browse existing software (that's a lot of choice!) in categories.
So, we must conclude that positive things in installing software in Linux are:
  1. no more surfing.
  2. no more downloading and installing software yourself.
  3. more time to actually try out the software.

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