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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Windows 7 will Run Flawlessly on Netbooks

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Microsoft wants retirement of already old Windows 7 predecessor XP. According to Microsoft predictions, the new Windows 7 is more focused on “purchasing new machine” rather than complete re-installation on old ones with Windows XP.

Vista-capable PCs will be perfectly capable of running Windows 7, and also, Windows 7 will run beautifully on netbooks, even they are Vista incapable. Becouse many new computer hardware are purchased in netbook form, it's logically that Microsoft aims on that market with new operating system. Microsoft is scared of cheap and customer optimized Linux netbooks so they will offer two versions of Windows 7 that can run on netbooks – one a pared-down, entry-level low price system and the other the fully featured premium edition to meet any requirements of this price-sensitive market.

Microsoft will set the price smartly, so the difference in price between a netbook running the basic edition and one with the premium version will not be in hundreds of US dollars. It's obvious that users of Windows 7 will use other expensive windows software (Microsoft Office at most cases) that will bring extra profits to Redmond base.

This is hard competitive market. Netbooks are used for Internet browsing, mails, social networking, chat, music and videos and all this can be done with cheap and ultra fast Linux netbook. So why pay more??

But, Redmond is hoping for an enthusiastic user reaction to Windows 7. So far, the response from those testing the beta versions has been largely positive. Even improved and fast compared to older Windows OS's, Microsoft will have thought period to convince IT buyers to use new Windows 7 on netbook market.

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