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Monday, April 27, 2009

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Conficker Awakes!

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Although it was scheduled for the first of April, the worm Conficker slowly awakes now.

According to security experts, Conficker, which is known under the names Downadup or Kido, slowly convert thousands of personal computers to servers unsolicited electronic mail (spam) and installs in them additional spyware (spyware). The infection process, which security experts believe that will be slow and non-aggressive - starts now.

During activation Conficker installs second virus, called Waledac, which is used to send unsolicited e-mail without the knowledge of users along with fake software for detecting spyware. Waledac "recruited" infected system into a network of computers which exist for several years and it is primarily used for sending spam.

This activation process should finish 3rd of May, but security experts believe that soon will start a new wave.

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