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Sunday, April 12, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Klavaro - excellent free typing tutor for Linux and Windows

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Do you need excellent typing lessons for free? Use Klavaro, open source cross platform typing tutor program that will give light fast typing habits for just a few days. Klavaro has very easy and clean graphical interface that will help you to focus just on learning to type correctly. First, you must memorize the key positions by the tact, not visually and then you can rapidly improve your typing experience.

The latest Klavaro edition has many usefull features – it is localized on many languages and can be used for learning on various types keyboard layouts (Qwerty, Dvorak, Qwertz, Azerty, Jtsuken and AlphaGrip5). Klavaro has also keyboard layout editor so it is possible to configure your own keys positions.

The courses are divided depending of you typing experience and they are consisted of:

  • Basic course – that will help to memorize the keyboard keys position
  • Adaptability exercises – exercises for using all keys randomly so you can adapt your typing skills to any kind of strange words that may appear in some text
  • Velocity exercises: when the environment is well known, or, when the words come from one's own language. If your language isn't supported by the application, you can indicate your own texts for typing practice in any supported program language
  • Fluidness exercises: with these exercises, you must complete all paragraphs, with good sense sentences. Typing errors aren't accepted: the user must correct them with the backspace key before be allowed to go on. Especial attention is given to the typing rhythm, which must be as uniform as possible. Just like the velocity exercises, this one here makes possible to load any text files, independently of language.
With Klavaro you can import your own external text and use it with the advance type learning modules (velocity/fluidness)

This program has progress charts of your learning progress, and after accomplishment of each exercise your performances can be saved and shown graphically. Klavaro can be also used for semi-online typing contest – in schools – for example, which is very useful to motivate typing learners for more productive learning.

Klavaro can be run on Windows and Linux and you can download and install from here.

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