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Friday, April 3, 2009

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Permanent solution for Conficker

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If you are already infected with Conficker, the good news is that BitDefender offer FREE tool to remove this parasite. Conficker Removal Tool is a full name and surname, and can be downloaded here -

The tool enables IT administrators to remove Conficker worms from one place on the server without the need for local running of the tool on each computer in the network and with thus avoiding the danger of re-spreading worms through the business network.

For those who don’t know Conficker is Windows worm which disables system services like Windows Automatic Update, Windows Error Reporting, etc. and then connects to a web server from where it downloads additional malware onto the victim’s computer.

Instructions for using BitDefender tool to remove Conficker can be viewed at YouTube.

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coffee maker said...

ironically, to help people from being affected by Conficker, the government could issue a public statement telling people to stay *outside* as much as possible...

Anonymous said...

Actually the permanent solution for conflicker is to back up your documents, wipe your drive . then install any Linux based o/s. reinstall your files. consult the forums and community on how to lock down your Linux box. .....then relax.