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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Windows tip: How to Remotely Enable Windows Desktop

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Remote Desktop is a free tool which makes life of administrators easier and without it almost impossible. With all its advantages, this tool has one flaw: by default settings Remote Desktop support is not enabled, and it is necessary to click in ONLY one field on the remote computer in order for us to be granted remote access to the computer. Problem is exactly in word only, since it can be a problem if the computer is on the remote location, it is weekend, and we have no one who can help us.

Of course, there is solution for this. All we need to do is to open Registry on local computer and select menu File, and option Connect Network Registry. After this, in a newly opened window we write in the name of the computer we want to connect to. It is important to mention that when we want to do this, we must have administrator privileges on the remote computer, e.g. we must be logged in as domain administrators on local computer. When we are connected to the remote computer we need to find a key “HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Terminal Server” and the value of key “fDenyTSConnection” change from 1 to 0. After that, we close Registry Editor and restart the remote computer. That you can do with following command shutdown -m \\computer1 -r.

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mrjester said...

A better means of doing this is to use the Computer Management MMC.

Open the Computer Management MMC. Right-click on Computer and select "Connect to Another Computer". Enter the computer name, click OK.