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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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How to Erase Surfing History from Internet Explorer and Firefox

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You’ve probably been a few times in a situation where you’ve been surfing around web sites of various content, which you would like to keep private (personal web sites, or web sites with confidential data, porn :-), etc). We’re talking about a scenario where multiple users work on the same computer (user account). So, a question raises how to stop a certain someone who is working on the computer after you to find your web sites in the History? It is pretty easy.

For Internet Explorer
Just select Internet Options from the drop-down Tools menu. A new window opens where you must click on “Clear History”, but we suggest that you also erase cookies, temporary files, and other stuff like remembered passwords (Content tab) and search history. So after Clear History, you can arbitrarily click on “Delete Cookies” and “Delete Files”.

The other advice is to set the number of days the computer keeps pages in history (“Days to keep pages in history”) to zero. This means that if you’re working the afternoon shift, the next morning no one will be able to see pages visited the day before. A problem may appear if someone sits on the computer right after you, but if that happens, you just manually erase all pages (“Clear History”) and the problem is solved. Other browsers have very similar names for all the aforementioned Internet Explorer functions.

For Firefox
It’s similar as Internet Explorer. From the menu choose: Tools -> Options. When the new windows opens check Browsing History and click Ok. From the same windows you can choose to clear also other events as Download History, Cache, Cookies, etc.

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