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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Firefox 3.5 ready for download

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Mozilla today published the final version of Firefox 3.5. The new version of the Gecko-based browser has speed (about twice faster than 3.0) improvements, integrated new JavaScript engine - TraceMonkey, audio and video codecs already build in browsers so you can browse without plugins (in mostly cases without Flash and Silverlight), Private browsing mode (browsing without history) and better anti-phishing and malware detection.

Other new touches involve integrated HTML 5 support, support for geolocation with websites that allow it, minor changes in the address bar, tabs and session restoration from crashes.

The new browser also supports offline data storage and the canvas element for drawing vector graphics and animations. There are also some new CSS options that let designers create text with shadows and draw border images.

“Awesomebar” is also improwed, with added sophisticated wildcard search tools for power users.

Firefox is available for download for Linux, Windows and MacOS here.

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