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Thursday, June 18, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Get fancy Skype Notifications on Ubuntu 9.04

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Skype Notify is little python script that takes advantage of Ubuntu 9.04’s transparent notifications to bring fancy Skype updates to your system tray.

Skype has his own notify engine, but if you want your notifications to be unite, you can try this tiny python script that will show Skype notifications on reserved Ubuntu 9.04 notification place.

  1. To install the script, first download it from here and save it in your Home/Your-Username folder.
  2. Start Skype
  3. Next, go to Options-> Notifications -> Advanced View -> Check the “Execute the following script on any event” option and paste the following script into it
  4. python /home/your-username/ -e"%type" -n"%sname" -f"%fname" -p"%fpath" -m"%smessage" -s%fsize -u%sskype

  5. Click Apply
Note: If you place the script on a different location, make changes on /home/your-username folder so the system can locate the script and execute it.

Have fun.

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Anonymous said...

I find that its a little slow in catching up to events. e.g. I'm already connected and speaking, and it notifies that its still calling etc.

But otherwise its great, thanks!

yoblin said...

This has reached its download limit, can you repost?