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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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How to Convert Technical Drawing (JPG, BMP) into a Vector Graphic

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Constructors, architects, graphic designers and all which are familiar with vector drawing as part of their work are in constant search of a program that would turn raster picture (.bmp, .jpg) of a technical drawing into a quality vector graphic.( Picture to vector: For example into a .wmf file or AutoCAD drawing).

Converting a .jpg, .bmp or some other format into a vector form is possible with the aid of a program that comes with Corel Designer Technical Suite 12 and in Corel Graphics Suite 10, and the program is called Corel Trace. This is not a classical OCR (Optical Character Recognizing) program for handwriting recognition; it is exclusively geared towards converting .jpg and .bmp pictures into vector format which can later be easily manipulated by Corel Draw application. Unbeknown to us is why Corel Trace is not included in the latest X3 version of the graphic processing program. Corel Trace is in itself an excellent program that can save you a lot of time if you’re dealing with a lot of technical drawings and the like. A picture that goes with this article shows you the results of processing one drawing which is in .jpg format.

To download it - search Google for "Corel Trace".

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