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Friday, July 10, 2009

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Internet search engine that saves energy -

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Did you know that there is an Internet search engine that saves (according to the authors) up to 3000 megawatt hours of electrical power yearly? You must be wondering how? Well, “economical” search engine has a completely black background and white letters. There are no unnecessary pictures and various ads which would distract you when searching the mother of all networks. The authors have even gone so far as to disable the image search, like on Google, for the simple reason that the pictures are not black. According to the authors of this unusual, but excellent search engine, the secret is that monitors use less power when displaying black rather than white background.

This, of course only applies to CRT monitors, because LCD monitors use the same amount of power regardless of what is being displayed on the screen. Although many are skeptical, there is something to this claim. If you’re interested to see the “economical” search engine click HERE.

We do not wish to draw you away from your favorite search engine with this article; we merely wish to say that every change is welcome. Do not worry; Google is in no way in danger of this new search engine, because good old Google and their certified technology are behind Blackle. But, change is always welcome, especially if it is related with saving world energy resources, so why wait, try

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Anonymous said...

"...every change is welcome", "change is always good." Have you really thought through these generalisations?

Tech-Freak Stuff said...

Blackle is good but people often think that the person creating such custom search engines earn money from adsense, so they don't use such SE's

Marcus @ Online Bookies said...

That is really interesting a search engine going green very unique!