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Monday, July 20, 2009

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Netbook For Free Within One Year

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Netbook will be free within one year?! According to the Linux Foundation, Executive Director of the organization, Jim Cemlin, said at the meeting in Beijing that mobile operators should consider providing free netbook computer with Linux operating system to users.

Providing companies will earn of many customer contacts and sales of application. He proposed the reduction of prices of mobile phones, as well as the promotion of netbook computers which are often cheaper than high class smartphones but with larger possibilities. Mobile operators in China have already announced plans to offer mobile phones with a discount, but this is the first time proposal for sharing of complete computers.

Cemlin says that low cost Linux operating system is in great advantage of high cost Microsoft Windows, which is another reason which should make Linux more attractive for suppliers of services. Telecommunications companies can also earn from application store, similar to those that exist for smartphones. Cemlin said that with time when netbook computers should become cheaper and using Linux can only help to this trend.

He concluded his speech with prediction that within one year price of some netbook PC will be - zero. [via]

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