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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Windows tip: How to Remove Duplicate Contacts From Outlook

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With using Microsoft Outlook’s contact management functionality you may accumulate duplicate entries or contacts as you sync with your mobile device. To remove duplicate entries you can use the tool which will help with removing the duplicates. That tool is Contacts Scrubber™ for Outlook® which easily removes duplicate contacts from your Outlook Contacts folders.

Scrubber works by comparing all of your Outlook Contacts, looking for possible duplicate items. As it finds these potential duplicates, it presents them to you one at a time via an intuitive interface, displaying field-by-field comparisons of the contact data, and proposing a logical way to merge this data into a single contact item. You may then merge the contacts by either accepting Scrubber’s proposed merge, or you can select which values to used on a field-by-field basis in the merged contact item. Great for eliminating duplicate Outlook Contacts created by your BlackBerry or iPhone.

Contacts Scrubber works on Outlook (not Express though) 2000 and later. The free version of this program processes up to 1,000 entries so if you have more contacts or need additional features, taking a look at the pro version might be worth the time.

Link: Scrubber

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