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Saturday, August 22, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Snow Leopard on September

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AppleInsider reports that multiple different versions of the site listed August 28 as the ship date for Snow Leopard for customers who qualify for the “up-to-date” program. This error has now been fixed, and the ship date states 'September' once more, quashing rumors that we were in for an early release.

The “up-to-date” program is Apple's way of letting customers who bought a Mac shortly before the Snow Leopard release upgrade for less. If you purchased a qualifying Mac after/on June 8 of this year, Snow Leopard will only cost you $9.99. While this program is still in place, it is no longer being promised an early release of the OS. More than likely the retracted launch date was either a mistake, or someone at Apple deliberately prodding the bloggers.

AppleInsider notes that current rumors list the current build of Snow Leopard as 10A432, the Golden Master build. If true, that would mean that Apple is currently tweaking the final version of Snow Leopard before the one that is released to be duplicated and sold. No exact date has been listed for release yet, but we could see Snow Leopard ship in less than two weeks.

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