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Friday, September 25, 2009

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Seavus Project Evolution - Integrated Project Collaboration Environment for MS Project users

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Seavus Project Evolution is a MS Project based suite of tools, designed to create a real collaboration environment for all projects in your company. It is a suite for project teams to successfully manage task updates, report and track issues, as well as acquire knowledge using wikis.

This collaborative project management suite allows project viewing, updating, tracking and team collaboration.

This suite include tool for every team member of the project team:

  • For team members - Seavus Project Viewer - Team members install Seavus Project Viewer in order to view mpp files and more important to collaborate amongst each other in order to provide greater value to the project.

  • For Project Managers - MS Project Standard add-in - Project managers install the add-in to their MS Project Standard. Once the project manager is logged into the server she/he can explore and use the Seavus Project Evolution features.

  • For team members out of the office - Seavus Web Client - If you are out of the office on a meeting or a business trip you can use the Seavus Web Client to access Seavus Project Evolution and work on your projects same as if you are in your office.

  • Storage of information - Seavus Project Server - The server is where the collaboration happens. Project managers and team members connect to the server to manage/update task progress, report and track issues, acquire knowledge using wikis.
What should we say more! This is the best compact EPM (Enterprise Project Management) suite on the web.

Link for more: Seavus Project Evolution

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This project management suite allows project viewing, updating, tracking and team collaboration is a good news for us.
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