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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Blaze Smart Launcher – Unique Desktop Experience

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At first glance, acting as just another tool for a faster start of applications and programs, but after a short testing becomes clear that despite the very early release, offers more than many other similar Utilities ...

This is the new name in the world of such utility programs, unlike the vast majority of its is also free for use (Blaze is actually open source), goes a step further. In fact, at first sight behaves as a typical tool to quickly launch applications, indexes the contents of the start menu (and every fifteen minutes), the contents of recently opened documents, favorites, and similar, and provides a compact interface to enter the first few letters of what you want to start.

Blaze is enough "smart" to realize what is actually looking for, and it offers. For example, when we typed firefox, Blaze realized that actually want to run Mozilla Firefox, which he did after we confirmed it.

There is no doubt that Blaze is more of application launcher. Therefore, he presents most of its counterparts features and much more:

  • Launches Applications.
  • Browses the File-System and the Web.
  • Searches for stuff on the Web.
  • Performs calculations.
  • Performs in-place calculations.
  • Performs base conversion.
  • Creates emails on-the-fly.
  • Inserts quick texts.
  • Perform CMD commands on a specific Explorer Window.
There are still a few features missing, like:
  • Skin support.
  • Enhance the command learning system. Right now, only commands related to application launching are learned.
  • Allow Blaze Assistant to export suggested automations to IronPython scripts.
  • Enhance Blaze integration with IronPython. Currently, the first time a script is run takes quite a while.
  • Blaze Assistant doesn't detect extension changing on file renaming actions yet.
  • Support cronjobs.
  • It's only Windows…
We hope that team from Blaze will implement these missing features soon. Anyway, it is open source better and faster from other similar programs and it is free for download. Here is a link.

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